Mackie SRM450
Mackie SRM450

SRM450, Powered PA Speaker Cabinet from Mackie in the SRM series.

Pdeg 05/25/2010

Mackie SRM450 : Pdeg's user review

«  Mackie reliability of Dgout no !!!!!!!!!! »

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I use them for 2 years, I have 4 they are made in china. I can not compare to Made in Italy because I have never cost the latter. my ear musicians are correct in that price range -500. I have bought from friends who already used them long ago and who meets silent and after some costs I left the top. I have no other cost models.
I found them all over, a little heavy, possibility to set height thanks to not screw intgr. the correct sound bass treble presents fairly specific on but a bit of time crillard tps, they are associated rcf705as a box but there is a hole in Frequencies between.
I had 1 first concern on a speaker whose sound is cut off after a minute or two she returns home suffering 2 mackie or electronic circuit Has Completely changed (under warranty) and a 2nd pregnant just simply stops as LATEST week, it turns even more, after you silent verifies the fuse and check that nothing good well I did cram'm in trouble because the guaranteed stops as just 2 months ago. I did rpar there was for 105 for a component on the PSU that is not powerful enough to heat and power Crame ...
Do not tell me it's not by chance, out of 4 speakers 2 Merd Obviously I have no gear from Rasht Mackie is also why my box is an rcf and not a mackie.
I had to put a little more and buy rcf I'm green!.