Mackie SRM450
Mackie SRM450

SRM450, Powered PA Speaker Cabinet from Mackie in the SRM series.

jeromed1 11/03/2005

Mackie SRM450 : jeromed1's user review


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I have used 3 months, I replaced my 500W and boosts my no-name 300W 2 by SWA-1501 and RS-450 2. You probably can imagine: NOTHING TO DO!

The sound is super clear, very precise. Sure the price is quite high but the quality is there!

I host parties like birthdays, weddings, etc., I voicing of concerts and sing well. The voice is great ... it's a pleasure to sing in there.

Well then, in small rooms need to tell you that we must not push the stuff thoroughly, if everyone is deaf!

Sometimes I do get one box and the result is just as good.
With experience, it's clear, I bought it right away.

The handling (for transport) of the speakers is easy enough: beautiful handles well placed. Even the box 40Kg which is quite easy to carry (and yet I have no muscles!)

Tip: If you often carry, do not hesitate to invest in covers. They will be better protected.