Mackie SRM450v2
Mackie SRM450v2

SRM450v2, Powered PA Speaker Cabinet from Mackie in the SRM series.

JimboSpins 01/21/2013

Mackie SRM450v2 : JimboSpins's user review

« They may be better than the EON by JBL »

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The Mackie SRM450v2 is a 400 watt active live speaker (2 way). It has Class D amplification and it is pretty light/portable. This speaker is pole mountable and floor wedge-able. The main reason that I even came across this speaker was because it was very similar to the JBL EON series of speakers that was actually out before this one. This got recommended to me by a fellow band member once I said that I was thinking about getting rid of my JBL’s because of the weight of them.
After I got my hands on these I realized that the sound was much better than the JBL’s which surprised me because I am a huge JBL fan. But the price was also a little more as well. The sound with these live speakers is great, you will get a crystal clear sound with no effort at all and they even have a pass thru connector and microphone input directly on the unit.
I have had this speaker for almost 2 years now and I still use it a lot depending on where we are going to be. The LF driver size is 12 inches in this powered speaker and it is great for live and studio applications. When comparing these to the JBL EON’s you will notice that the sound is actually better and they are a little lighter but when it comes to quality I still think the JBL’s are built better and come with a better price tag.
The frequency range is 45Hz to 20Hz on the SRM450’s. I have not had any bad experiences with these speakers and I don’t think that I ever will. I have only heard great things about them and I plan on having them in my gear room for years to come without having to purchase new ones. But if I needed to purchase some new ones I would quickly and probably before I would purchase the JBL EON’s.