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Powered PA Speaker Cabinets user reviews

  • Gemini DJ RS-410

    Gemini DJ RS-410 - " Avoid"


    Just received, only distributed in stores. If the production seems to be correct, complete and attractive connectivity, a tone consistent with that price range, a design flaw makes it noisy. A rumble is heard vacuum, worsened by a connection on a s…

  • Bose L1 Model I

    Bose L1 Model I - " on top!"


    Only downside: the price! otherwise, installed in 5 minutes and with three cables ... nothing to do with basic configurations, amp mixing desk, speakers ... this is one purchase that I would do without hesitation. the system is placed in the ba…

  • Yamaha MSR800W

    Yamaha MSR800W - " Cheap - Not reliable"


    2 I use for 2-3 years. No other attempts. I have had a less than 300 euros each new ... I quite like their look, their low power consumption. power is not really to go with 2 but rather they complement well the MSR400. Ridiculous price. dropped…

  • QSC K12

    QSC K12 - " Small but mighty!"


    How long have you use it? * I used two since March. Have you tried many other models before acqurir? * Behringer and FCR. T make the choice quickly with the behringer but a little hard with RCF. What is the particular feature you like best …

  • Montarbo MT200

    Montarbo MT200 - " This little bluffing"


    I bought the first in 2008 to use it back on stage. I tried many, many return with 12 inch therefore quite bulky and the sound was not always what you malgret some power. one day I saw colleagues using these small speakers but as a return on foot…

  • Samson Technologies Auro D15

    Samson Technologies Auro D15 - " Very good advise"


    I've had two months I've tried no model before buying it, although I've heard a lot about some speakers at concerts and similar others. He is bi-amplified and developed 200W for the woofer and 50W for the tweeter. I have not yet had occasion to…

  • RCF ART 410-A

    RCF ART 410-A - " excellent!"


    I use them for a few months before I had a HK Powo. I listened to several models before I decide (RCF 310 A, Dynacord Dlite, HK Impact, etc ...) The 410 A is for my use the right mix. It is compact, lightweight (11kg!) And well finished. The …

  • SR Technology STL 250

    SR Technology STL 250 - " Very good"


    I urilise for 1 year and it is simply very very good! I had a pair of SR Technology Road F12A had found no more ... I used this model before Mackie, RCF, DAS and for rent NEXO and Yamaha. Simply the best sound I've had. Very balanced, a dyn…

  • LD Systems Stinger 8A

    LD Systems Stinger 8A - " Very good"


    I just receive them. I tried many model and the best value I've seen in 10 years of sound! Very lightweight (11kg), ultra compact, integrated mixer for an external microphone, preset bass / treble and especially unparalleled precision and power …

  • QSC K8

    QSC K8 - " Beautiful beast!" has images


    We use our 2 K8 evening entertainment around since March. These speakers are really impressive. Lightweight, very compact and finesse rarely heard. Moreover, finer than K12 or K10. There are multiple back settings, to use your K8 pregnant or sat…