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Powered PA Speaker Cabinets user reviews

  • the box PA 108 A

    the box PA 108 A - " "A good DJ back!""


    I just got here. So hot that an opinion I later completed. DJ and I am looking for a compact and efficient return. I dreamed of the PA 106 but it is not amplified. I have a board and a Pioneer EFX Soundcraft branch to which I return. First to…

  • img Stage Line PAK-115/SW

    img Stage Line PAK-115/SW - savor's review


    If you want a product not CHRE and that sounds very hard this place is for you. If you are looking for sound quality, look elsewhere. I feel that there is a hole in the passband. The medium rather unclear. With exprience, you do again this electio…

  • QSC K12

    QSC K12 - basso_seb's review


    I bought two QSC K12 a month ago that. First use of a sound reinforcement for a marathon (that of Montauban). The sound is powerful (despite the 31 cm). Strengths: small, light, powerful, complete mix. Low enough for this type of broadcasting th…

  • RCF ART 310-A



    First benefits with ART310A. Small Hall 100 people, they are coupled houses with my subs (Eminence Kappa 15LF) and filtered through a Peavey 150Hz PV 2600.Seule the battery from the orchestra is not transplanted, or bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals…

  • Behringer Eurolive B205D
  • RCF ART 712-A

    RCF ART 712-A - RJ6713's review


    * For how long have you been using it? 2 days * Have you tried many other models before acqurir? Yes, a good system Wharfedale EVPX 15 pregnant but then nothing do with the FCR. * What is the specific feature you like most? The weight reall…

  • Gemini DJ RS-408

    Gemini DJ RS-408 - basic36's review


    3 months NO most: a lot of his the least: I do not see is really an excellent forum to train in his quiet room and do some small parties with friends. value for money is good and I will ever experience with this choice without hesitation. …

  • RCF ART 712-A

    RCF ART 712-A - merolo's review


    I use these speakers for 3 months, not bad for benefits, a true happiness. I went through everything and anything before arriving at these nice toys:) I totally agree with the advice of Sisi, which sums up my feeling pretty well what he can do with…

  • RCF ART 725-A

    RCF ART 725-A - merolo's review


    I will quite simply contrast the opinion of djkeynes recalling that must access the speakers to listen before buying. Obviously, we do not cover 300 people with a pair of 725 (the lower spectrum in any case) ... But beware, the 725 still very good s…

  • Behringer B210D

    Behringer B210D - benoit.latteur@skynet.be's review


    I just bought two active speakers B210D on board a reseller. Application: voice support for conferences from 20 to 100 people. You plug a good mic, the 220v is all. The sound is magnificent! Nice presence of all frequencies. The audience hears you re…

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