Hartke VXL Bass Attack
Hartke VXL Bass Attack

VXL Bass Attack, Bass preamp pedal from Hartke in the AC series.

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Musicmanbuyer 01/18/2005

Hartke VXL Bass Attack : Musicmanbuyer's user review


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For rglages: Harmonics, Mix, Shape, Level, Bass, Treble, Brite.
The VLX circuit uses a formulation for the shape of a light amplifier.
Two switches: on / off and Shape to enable formulation of the lamp.

CT Connect, there is everything you need: Imput, Line outpout, parralel output, outpout Direct (XLR) switch pre / post, + fantme food and food sector or cell. Nothing is missing.

The pedals are rugged and very heavy trs.


The configuration rglages are almost endless. You have to go some time to understand the possibilities of VLX: impressive! This gives all kinds of sound, more soft, round and warm at the edge, slamming, even though dirty. There is something for every style.

The manual is well done (in English) and gives some examples of configurations.


The trs rglages are effective. This small PDAL is able to dcupler the sound of a low entry level to the big sound and makes everything explode littrallement with a good low (mine is a precision Mount e micro active EMG).

I use it for home recording branch power fantme on a mixing desk.


I possde for 2 weeks. I found nothing to reproach him for now.
I tried many things, especially pramplis in racks before they offer me one.
It is a choice to make your eyes closed.

I even use it with my guitar in its clear, gives a sound slap for trs funk ...