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PureMix to organise 2-day master class in NYC

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PureMix has announced a 2-day master class with Mick Guzauski and Fab Dupont.

The Master Class will take place at Flux Studios, in New York City on November 7th - 8th, 2015.

Mick Guzauski and Fab Dupont will show 16 attendees how to produce, record and mix a full band and improve their engineering skills.

Grammy-nominated producer Fab Dupont will share his production workflow and secrets and show how to work with a band in order to get the best performance and song arrangements.

Grammy-winning engineer Mick Guzauski will demonstrate the art of recording and mixing a record and share his tips & tricks that made him a favorite engineer for modern artists like Daft Punk, Pharell Williams, Celine Dion and more.

Enrollment fee is $2,290, which includes:

  • 2 days of producing, tracking, mixing, advanced editing, Q&A and ear training workshops.

  • A 1-year pureMix subscription (worth $269).

  • A pair of Focal Spirit Professional Headphones (worth $349).

  • One-on-one feedback from Fab Dupont.

  • Lunch and late party dinner are included in the price.

  • Accommodation is NOT included.

According to PureMix, a significant portion of this master class will be dedicated to ear training and critical listening.

During the recording segment, Dupont and Guzauski will show attendees how to choose the right piece of gear for the right sound source and demonstrate how to choose the appropriate microphones and preamps for each source, handle recording levels and make the best out of a hybrid digital/analog system.

The mixing segment will be dedicated to how to mix a record according to Mick Guzauski's standards and intuition, which will involve Guzauski sharing in details his editing, compression, EQing approach and more.

More details at https://www.puremix.net/.

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