Fender TBP-1 Tube Bass Pre-Amp
Fender TBP-1 Tube Bass Pre-Amp

TBP-1 Tube Bass Pre-Amp, Rackmount bass preamp from Fender.

vsv972 02/04/2011

Fender TBP-1 Tube Bass Pre-Amp : vsv972's user review

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Preamp lamp, with 2 12AX7 (preamp and OD)
Super full connectivity (DI, effects loop, Biamp, 2 TD entries ...)


manual, clear and precise
The EQ is peculiar (her right with two bass mid treble 10 and 2) it must be endured and set his ear.
Bass boost and treble boost effective
Supplemental and parametric eq footswitchable - genial to go solo or to slap a preset.


Those looking for a modern sound (mids and crystal-dug) go your way.
This preamp is great for vintage sounds (Motown, reggae) and bass (his old school) but it does not shine by its versatility.

The overdrive channel is disappointing!
I was looking at the Magma sound, it is far away.
OD with a very little gain, nasal lamps with original, replaced by the OD mesa has softened but still not great!

I use a musicman stingray, and a bass-Acoustic Sensor CB1 + K & K


I used it 2 months and then resold.
I find it overpriced for the services offered.
I could get much better results with ebs valvedrive or a SansAmp bass driver.
I do referaispas this choice and would turn instead to an eden navigator