Fender TBP-1 Tube Bass Pre-Amp
Fender TBP-1 Tube Bass Pre-Amp

TBP-1 Tube Bass Pre-Amp, Rackmount bass preamp from Fender.

Pechouland 04/01/2009

Fender TBP-1 Tube Bass Pre-Amp : Pechouland's user review


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Preamp lamps (2 x 12AX7)
RACK (1U) - 5.2 kg
Jensen transformer
A 4-button footswitch (Gain, FX Loop, Vari-Q, mute)

between jack 6.35
1-6dB switch to active or passive large output level (in my case) which allows for a sound + light.
A clear channel: 1 volume and 1 equalo 3 bands. The equalo varies by volume; personal I leave this to last "1" (noon) at all times. The knobs are bass and treble boost switchable low and high frquences trs (by pulling the potentiomtre).
An overdrive channel, in Mount parallle, dclenchable via the switch or foot in faade: 1 win, 1 volume and a "blend" shuffled to + or - the signal with the channel clear.
A vari-Q switch with his foot or faade: January 1 knob frequencies and a level (you select the first one frquence that boosts or attnue with the second).
A "room" to correct the acoustics of a pice (+ or - Deaf)
A master, a mute switch and an on / off.

Rear face:
A power supply.
Between a footswitch.
An active crossover: 2 line out low and high frquences for bi-amp + 1 balance LF / HF + 1 selector cutoff frequencies.
Hand out a usable output simultanment with HF / LF.
1 XLR DI with a switch for the land, a level switch and pre / post (with or without the equalo).
An effects loop: return / send switch-10dBv + 1 (for rack effects) / +4 dBu (for pedals) + 1 "trim" (output level)-6dB / +6 dB on the value chosen Switch with.
A tuner output.
Between 1 to


So there's no wrong buttons in everything! Takes some time to tame the bte. Pleasantly surprised with the manual: it is clear, comprehensive, concise (just 5 pages), and for once the good is Fran and not an automatic translator.
The rglages are fine, you must be patient to find his rglages to beginners (no presets) but you get done quickly. Not bad sound, plutt "seventies" overall.
Caution is a prampli: you have an amp with it! aa said as the air con but it was important to remember. However it is the preamp which is the sound I have not seen any major diffrence between the amps that I have only the quality of al HP plays.
At home I put it in the PC sound card: trs is correct, these days the speakers as well cash in that home is reasonable.
For the rest, rp or concert, the config I use often + = output HF / LF on the table (one per channel by adjusting the faders to keep the room in Reserved) + 1 bass combo back on the main exit (on the plant in return TBP of the loop: a zap of the preamp combo).
The vari-Q is super efficient, the room also. The sound is always great Dfine, and even a sound terrible. APRS if a better foot.


It sticks trs what I do: as I said dj is trs seventies ... My bass is a tank (LB50 Carvin 1979), but versatile enough, suddenly everything goes. With my passive bass, may range from punk to funky architecture mdium brilliant, but my active bass player, everything is bold trs, trs lamp ...
APRS, the distortion alone is not standard, unless the mdiums to burne, for a mdiator flint and play a trononneuse! I personally do not play metal.
Grosse also dynamic: it is necessary to couple a compressor in the loop to the slap or a big attack mediator, APRS There's just a loop is made for a. I have a Symetrix 501 rack that excels in this rle.
Also hard to really mess with his Carvin, compltement contrast with the active.


I've had a year +.
I like his ct practice: I put it in my backpack and I'm going to rot the STRP club sound systems. + In the mouth it.
One may regret the absence of compressor Intgr but I think Fender would not do things half: if the preamp is rack is well to add something else, which is easy as it is compact in a rack.
Ending for I intend to put in the rack when the sound of the group-final will be more complete for any group.
I wanted the same thing on scne, home and studio: TBP is IDAL for a.
I tried many before acqurir: 750 beats the word about Thomann, is a MRIT! I started with the heads of fashion: Hartke, Gallien-Krueger, Ashdown and other Markbass found in all the stores these days, has not convinced me. I cracked on the Fender Bassman 300 c'tait but not the same price! APRS I rip the preamps I have too much AIM the last ampeg, I prfr older as SVT-SVT-IIP and IVP (the super one OCCAZ in, but not silent wins the case. I tried the BBE B-Max: trs very nice but not versatile. So I bought it based on TBP criticism of US sites, and I regret it. I Rasht tomorrow if necessary.

I note many wins as the bte be known.

Who said that Fender could not make bass amps?

(Corrigendum APRS 6 months)