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looking to start recording bands live



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11 Posted on 03/10/2004 at 13:56:15Direct link to this post
well right now, im going the route if the "GOOD" stereo mic, been looking at a few..... audio technica 822 or 825

fits my current budget....the 825 can be run off phantom power or AA, and the 822 can only run off of AA. i really WANT a shure vp88....right now its out of my $$$ range though

keep learning, its what im trying to do


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12 Posted on 12/02/2007 at 13:34:44Direct link to this post
Has anyone had any experience with the Korg D-888 for recording bands live? I'm considering going that route as I am also starting to get into this sort of thing but i have read some less than wonderfull things about some condenser mics having noise problems when used with the D-888. I intend to do a lot of acoustic things so I'll want to use nice quiet phantom powered mics.
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