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Red Bull BPM

Red Bull
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Last week Red Bull had a launch party in Amsterdam for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad BPM app for DJ's.


The apps are compatible with a range of sound formats. You can use it on its own or in harmony with your traditional vinyl decks or CD-player. Just add an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.


Red Bull BPM HD is the third app from the BPM series. BPM HD is described as the digital equivalent of a traditional DJ set-up with two decks and a audio mixer. The app is custom-made for the iPad screen, low latency and core functionality rather than silly graphics effects.

Using a phone as the base for a DJ set-up poses a problem: an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad only has one stereo output, so how can you listen to the next track before you cue it up?


Red Bull BPM apps overcomes this limitation by offering a special audio Split Cable Adapter, also supporting the MasterOut app to provide two separate stereo outputs for monitoring and master for the PRO- and HD version.


Red Bull BPM apps sync with iTunes on your computer using the Red Bull BPM SYNC software.


Further information on the other BPM versions is available here.

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