Alesis Nanoverb 2
Alesis Nanoverb 2

Nanoverb 2, Reverb from Alesis in the NanoVerb series.

C13303 06/10/2014

Alesis Nanoverb 2 : C13303's user review

«  Average but ok for the price »

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Value For Money : Excellent
A multi effect provided enough, delay, reverb, chorus, flanger, I let you read the plug.

Each effect has 16 presets.


Each effect can not be adjusted but is done with the choice of one of 16 presets.

So at the time it is easy, if you find a preset that suits you. Otherwise, it remains only to brush!

This is especially terrible for the delay, since we can not really adjust the time, we must find a preset that is close to the tempo you want, and in my case, I never found.


The effects are still a little rough I find even cheap / metal sometimes
it saturates easily and this is a little way too (it's a very particular sound when it saturates that can be used, but that's another story)

But it is not filthy either, reverb 'may be correct so measured, in certain circumstances I enjoyed chorus, flanger, in short it can help.


I use it for 1 year, I compare the software verb or t-resonnator I have, and I must say that I prefer 100x t-resonnator even if they are difficult to compare, they are 2 multi effects and over again, and well since I'm not a beginner either, I would save a little more to buy something a little more upscale.

After considering the small price, I do not feel FLOUZE either, and I repeat, can it help as adjunctive effect. Personal it will find its place in a secondary setup.