Klark Teknik DN780 + remote
Klark Teknik DN780 + remote

DN780 + remote, Reverb from Klark Teknik.

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U-FLYstudio 11/05/2006

Klark Teknik DN780 + remote : U-FLYstudio's user review


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An XLR input and two outputs with XLR output trim left and right
tlcommande with 2 faders 4 pages, allowing the publishing of all functions (7) + to defillement programs,
possibility of chaining effects,
Austre look that is required to Klark for over 20 years


All parameters of the machine appear directly on the front, we keep the CONTRL on everything all the time, the grace tlcommande, only seven parameters, but overall they are the ones that are correct most fluent to customize an effect (reverb time, pre delay, size pice, hi and low reverb time, controls the rflexions ...)

Algorithms: Hall, Plate, Room, Gate, Non lineare, Reverse, Delay and Stereo mono, multitap.


Not bad!
heat, width, roundness, relief, rich in short, a good machine!
trs of beautiful halls, platforms and little agrssives trs effective, gates reverbs trs "upscale eighties" the Depeche Mode, or any large drums prod the mid-80's .
tails of the reverbs closures not always beautiful mostly over pice of size "45" on the Halls (very beautiful dphasage according to size pice between 0 and 45),
good programs to do with the "room and the chamber" when you put a piece size of type 15 with a RT of 0.8 up to 1.8 s
is one of my machines prfres to give the envelope to the strings and synths, voice solo fminine. varied and versatile in its colors reverbs!
good delay, convenient for adjusting the feedback and time with the faders,
against her by not trs comfortable making the rest of the effects of modulations around the late (flange, chorus, phaser) is not too much in the strings, even if waves with flangers substantive feedback on trs short delays can be useful.


Trs good machine, sturdy unlike AMS, least of breath too, but not the same sound!

much like a Lexicon 200 programs on the long and almost equivalents on small pices and short reverbs, but not with the same power! the 200 is well above my taste!

* It's actually a good compromise when you can not afford a 'Eventide SP 2016, AMS RMX 16 and the Lexicon 224.
a simple machine and indmodable
known user: Real World Studio, studio polygon ...