Lexicon PCM 92
Lexicon PCM 92

PCM 92, Reverb from Lexicon in the PCM series.

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PCM92 Stereo Reverb/Effects Processor

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Lexicon introduced the PCM92 Stereo Reverb/Effects Processor, delivering 28 mono and stereo reverbs, delays, and modulation effects, flexible routing configurations, and a library of 700 factory presets,

The PCM92 adds multimode filters in the audio flow. This is designed to allow more exact shaping of the reverb. Also, all reverbs have an "Infinite" switch that allows the reverb to run forever, which is useful for creating unusual backgrounds and sound effects.

Reflection patterns can be selected, scaled and equalized all while simultaneously passing audio, and the room size can be instantly changed or reversed. The Room algorithm provides the inherent realism of the actual space with all the precise control and manipulation that is only possible with a reverb synthesizer, the company says.

The PCM92 features the Hall, Concert Hall and Random Hall reverb algorithms. Designed as a single rack space processor with two channels of balanced XLR or ¼" analog I/O and two channels of XLR AES/EBU digital I/O, along with MIDI, Wordclock, and Ethernet, the PCM92 is designed to complement a mixing console or integrate with your DAW and features 24-bit A/D-D/A conversion and 44.1 to 96 kHz sample rates.

The Lexicon PCM92 Stereo Reverb/Effects feature set includes:
• Lexicon reverbs, delays, and modulation effects
• Library of over 700 finely crafted factory presets, including recognizable classics from Lexicon's immense library of sounds
• Lexicon's flexible Room algorithm used to generate a vast array of room-related effects for music and post
• Multi-voice pitch shift to enhance vocals
• Mono and stereo versions of all algorithms
• Full system configuration and control with HiQnet System Architect
• 44.1 to 96 kHz sample rate, 32-bit floating point processing
• Two channels balanced analog I/O (XLR and ¼")
• Two channels XLR digital AES/EBU I/O
• External BNC Wordclock
• MIDI in, out, and thru
• Ethernet connectivity
• Foot controller inputs make it easy to change presets and adjust parameters during live performances
• OLED display is easy to read in all light conditions

Pricing & Availability
The PCM92 has a suggested retail price of US $2699.

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