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VSR3, Reverb from Music And More.

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chafouin 01/31/2011

Music And More VSR3 : chafouin's user review


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3-spring reverb rackable.entrée mono output stereo.Aspect not terrible.


An output level of an input level and c is c tous.aucun other setting is a bit unfortunate but well worth it .... nothing better than a spoiled rotten or eq'll have pushed the price)


Reverb long enough kind 4s ALMOST sounding spring reverb of course, but clean enough to say that c is little noise to them hereunder Spring has acute in comparison to other models that will be more used in special effects, so it just be used in any other style that reagge dub.
I is not 10/10 because the sound emitted is slightly too dark but good, a eq or filter output or between, and it s apercoi very quickly that the sound comes out is really good: very broad in frequency and " false "stereo output gives a boost to the spatialization of.
the output level is slightly too low but the ratio S / b is sufficient as bad as on vintage models not pro.
Very nice saturation when you put serious dedant (like a bass, and yes ^ ^) n which is the case only on very rare models of this kind (Furman; space eko; dinacord support very badly by the severe ex) . For the only info that I saw is best for the moment c is the SCV rbs rare but more cumbersome.
Works on all intruments has provided if necessary to filter or eq front (the best in my opinion) or after in order to obtain a equibre matches.
Larsen has no problem because of ambient noise (even very very kind sound system that rips off the head;))
Do "spoing" not when you shake or very strong. (I recommend)


The recent best spring reverb I think, to my knowledge anyway, has a reasonable price. The weapon Fatal Dubber;) fan of dub music 60s or 70s darken.