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rroland 12/22/2004

Quantec Yardstick 2402/F : rroland's user review


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High-end Reverb, with only input / output in AES / EBU. One rack unit, and a depth that not even half a finger. One has the impression that was rolling, as the device is small. Another thing: we come not to the rack, because it is too large. Not the front, which is 19 "standard, but what's behind, which is not a larger than usual. The look is different from what is usual. We love or hate. Personally, I rather like.


Not easy to use. It has 17 presets. Point. Editing sounds a little complicated, but hey, it's matter of habit. There are very few parameters to change and it is an advantage.


Here is the top. He forgives the faults mentioned above. This is a stunning natural. Much more than a PCM91 or M3000. Here, it breathes, it is no artifice or ugly unpleasant side effects. There are only 17 presets, but the sound is there. Wouh! I regret my purchase me.


The price is cheap, about € 2000. But as the manufacturer has not put analog interface, while the price was in the sound. Those who make classical music or acoustic jazz will be delighted.