Realistic stereo reverb system
Realistic stereo reverb system

stereo reverb system, Reverb from Realistic.

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sinkmusic 01/15/2005

Realistic stereo reverb system : sinkmusic's user review


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- This is the basis of a reverb, but today we talk more echo, to the extent it yarptition signal.
- Technology "electronic" mmmh, plutt roots!
- RCA connectors for line input, microphone jack to 6.35.


- Super easy to use
- No need for manual
- Paramtres little changed (delay time, mix dry / wet, + line options and / or micro ...)

child's play, based on hardware n'tait no fate but for professional studio use "home".


- Sound quality: I love this for her and her dirty little prcis: a crackles is approximate and not trs versatile, but it has to be loved.
- I use it on voice, for doubling their body heat and add ... but also on analog synths, it was quickly efx trs retro sci-fi.


- I use it for a few months, I have many dj reverb / echo / delays, analogue or numriques.
it is by far the least evolves, but I use it often trs. You can not get trs long delays, but we obtain approximate ersatz space echo, the slap-backs ...
- It can not prtendre under traditional reverb or delay in respect of volumes, but its status and its btards him confrent particulire a place in a studio.
- I like the fact that particulirement shortening time to time limit, we obtain the effects of pitch-shifting, trs used in dub.