Royer Labs R-121
Parker75 07/01/2012

Royer Labs R-121 : Parker75's user review


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For technical character, I'll let you find on the site of Royer Labs is more simple and complete.
Otherwise, it's a ribbon mic. Ideal for recovery amp electric guitar. Good as on other sources without being transcendent.


Pro guitarist (stage and studio) and artistic director, I always tried to recreate as faithfully as possible what was coming out of the amp (mine or that of the musicians I had the chance to record). I tried many different configurations (sm57 and static in the distance, preamp / micro lamp / transistor ...), full of microphones (Neumann, CAD, Shure, Oktavia ...) ... a little short for any rather satisfactorily and / or creative.
But when I connected the R121 ... THE CLAQUE!
I was sharing a microphone THE sound that came out of the amp simply.
More headlock, he follows me everywhere and if the guitarist is good, the result will be good that's all!
You will understand, I find it perfect for recording electric guitars (and it's not bad ;-)). However, on vocals or acoustic guitars, other microphones are better in my opinion.

If you have the budget and the guitar sound is your "brand" or "artistic touch" is a "must-have". For the rest look elsewhere.