Paiste Formula 602 Medium Flatride 20"
Paiste Formula 602 Medium Flatride 20"

Formula 602 Medium Flatride 20", Ride Cymbal from Paiste in the Formula 602 series.

Llaborderie 08/25/2014

Paiste Formula 602 Medium Flatride 20" : Llaborderie's user review

«  Magnifique! »

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I use it for a few months now and I was very surprised because of the reputation of his Paiste: it is not bright at all, on the contrary, it's dark and hot

I tried Paiste pst3 and 5, Sabian B8, Meinl HCS, Zildjian avedis flat ride (80's), Zildjian K Custom 22 "Paiste 2002 Zildjian Ping Ride (80's too)

Pros: SOUND! I hate too bright cymbals (2002 made me cry) and Formula surprised me, the sound is dark, "woody" not boring I sellotape the tip of my rod to accentuate the softness of her but this is only my trick
Not draft Ping
Cool wash, it fills the space well as they should
Very low volume, perfect for the acoustic jazz trio, she can play very softly which is very significant for rpeter in a tiny room
Weight: very light, the edge vibrates a lot (a chain or rivets him go well)
Being able to use it as a crash: tapping on him can get a crash with a big sustain, it will not please everyone but it's good to know

The -: Learn to the crash, the 2002 (easier to compare to the same thing) is racing merrily when tickled by the side flat ... but taking it with a shoulder wash it gets pretty strange, a "shwoushshhh ..." that looks like the Paiste Twenty Masters Dark Ride, can not be used for rhythmic ride crashed in
The absence of a bell to be troublesome for certain
The volume and very dark sound that does not always uncover the mix

Well ... I should have experience in fact I started and I have not had the opportunity to try so many models it. But 150 euros for a cymbal that quality is very comfortable (in good condition, when the 80's)