Paiste Signature Reflector Dry Ride 20''
Paiste Signature Reflector Dry Ride 20''

Signature Reflector Dry Ride 20'', Ride Cymbal from Paiste in the Signature series.

sanjuro 10/08/2009

Paiste Signature Reflector Dry Ride 20'' : sanjuro's user review


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The Paiste Signature Reflecor Dry Ride is one of the most interesting cymbals I have ever seen or heard.  I knew about the line for a while, but hadn't come across one of these until last year.  I was a big fan of the signature series, though I usually prefer uncoated cymbals.  For this reason I didn't expect the reflector to do much for me.  I was pleasantly surprised, like so many times in the past, because this cymbal is pretty amazing. 

I expected an extremely powerful ping, but it is easy to control.  The ping is also very distinct, to the point where I feel like I could identify a reflector ride after hearing just a few strokes.  This is a quality that I really appreciate in cymbals, uniqueness and character.  It sound great at both low and high volumes.  It has nice wash, that never overpowers but is noticable.  I could see this cymbal being used in many styles of music, from metal to pop to fusion.  It really is versatile and interesting.  The bell is also very nice and is large enough to make quite a ruckus. 

The look of this cymbal surpasses that of even the normal Paiste Signatures.   It is striking and crisp, making it as unique visually as the way it sounds.  I really enjoyed this cymbal, though I am not sure I would want to include it in my current setup unless I had more cymbals like it.  It is different than most other cymbals, so it may not blend well. 

The price is by far the biggest drawback of this cymbal, and the rating is taking a small deduction because of that.  For such a price, the cymbal should be perfect.  This is close, so if you can afford it and want an amazingly complex and distinct cymbal, the reflector is not a bad choice.