Zildjian A Sweet Ride 21"
Zildjian A Sweet Ride 21"

A Sweet Ride 21", Ride Cymbal from Zildjian.

moosers 08/10/2010

Zildjian A Sweet Ride 21" : moosers's user review


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Zildjian's A series Sweet Ride 21" is a higher end drum cymbal that I recently have used for recording purposes. I've recorded with this cymbal before, although I'm not a drummer myself. A good friend of mine owns this cymbal, and since we've played and recorded together a lot, I've got a good amount of experience with this cymbal. Most recently when we used it, it was for a week long recording session for a rock/pop/folk sort of album. The cymbal is built extremely well and judging from how long my friend has owned this cymbal for, it should last a lifetime as long as it isn't dropped too many times or lost. As far as the tone is concerned, this is right up my ally, as it isn't too bright but still cuts through a mix extremely well. It's definitely got a crisp high end, but when I say that it isn't too bright I mean that it isn't overpowering. I used a pair of Coles 4038 ribbon microphones as overheads, which are pretty dark colored microphones, but this cymbal still came in crisp and clear. I'd used the Zildjian A Series Sweet Ride 21" with more traditional overhead microphones in the past like Neumann KM 184's, but we were going for a different sound here and I must say that it worked out extremely well. Even with the darker toned Coles microphones, the cymbal cut through well. Since I'm not a drummer I can't comment too much on the more detailed aspects of this cymbal, like what it's made from and all that, but I can say that it's an awesome sounding cymbal that I wouldn't hesitate to use again when and if I get the chance. Zildjian's 21" A series Sweet Ride isn't a toy by any stretch and doesn't cost the price one would, so expect to pay the proper amount for cymbals like this. If you're a regularly gigging or recording drummer looking for a great ride cymbal, you should be all ears for this one...