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Mildon reborn from his ashes

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Mildon SFZ Designer
News Mildon SFZ Designer

Sampler Format Converter/Browser from Mildon

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Mildon Studios recently closed to leave room for Mildon, with a new site and new developments.

Mildon did not completely stop his activities and returns with a software editor that allows for visually map samples for SoundFont libraries on Windows, a tool that will be particularly useful for instrument libraries with multiple velocity layers and round robins.

The SFZ Designer is currently in v0.21 beta phase and supporting only opcode SFZ 1.0 (v2 will be compatible in the future).

Following are the first details announced by Mildon:

  • Visualize groups with virtual keyboard (key range > velocities < samples)
  • Select key range, root notes and velocity layer split points (up to 8 velocities supported) on the piano roll
  • Supports multiple round robin samples per velocity layer
  • Volume, tune and pan control for each sample
  • Volume, pan and transpose controls per group
  • Opcode with wizard and validation
  • Advanced opcode for all options
  • Clone groups and structures
  • Amplifier DAHDSR control at the project level
  • Global override at the project/group/region levels
  • Export to SFZ format with auto-conversion of the sample paths to relative paths

Mildon is planning on adding direct SFZ file import as well as an auto-map assistant in the future.

The SFZ Designer is available for free download for Windows from the new website mildon.me.

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