Akai Professional Z-4
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lorenzzzzzzzo 03/25/2003

Akai Professional Z-4 : lorenzzzzzzzo's user review


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Sampler 64 channel 24 bit / 2 in 2 out (expandable 8 outs) / 2 MIDI ins midi out 2
16 MB of RAM expandable to 512 SDram
Scsi port 1 / 1 internal IDE / 1 USB to PC / Mac / 1USB keyboard to mouse
Logitiel ak sys edition of PC / Mac trs effective
4 assignable controllers Intgr

Ultra Full


Akai is the config gnrale respcte and amliore, which requires some acoutumence
because there are lots of Settings, but it's powerful shot trs.

The edition AKsys via USB and is simpler and more convenient

The manual is clear and complete with respect to the functions,

For the basics of what use is a envellope or other better talk to a regular samplers


The sound is crystalline trs and powerful, almost identical with my S3000 just over claret because the sounds are converted. The sudden wave of samples that blow a little, breathe a little more!

Effect trs trs vary the effective and also a bit cooler than the S3000,

The card is optional Eb4js effect, but of good quality, attention to work on a program level down or they saturate, we rcupre power at the end of treatment and any master gnral bath!

Other dtail for users of old records akai, when importing certain programs can cut open the envelope a little attack vrifier to import programs,
This should be rsolu by akai OS in the future


Used for 1 month, including scne, the power of the ram is that of happiness,
everything is loaded and has left to play music,
do not worry, prvoir a zip rather than a hard drive for scne,

Function toggle (borrows yamaha) will launch loops from a keyboard without holding the button pressed, huge, and assigning midi paramtres can change the effects and filters live, a rgal,

2 or he would regret t perfect, only four external Q-link assignment (8 for the Z8), while the software will be the 8 Z8, and the small imperfection import old programs akai (s3000) .. ...... the home ingnieurs akai rsoudrons 2 points soon I Espree.

It remains that this is a sampler box of course, powerful, compatible, and top-art ....