Boss SP-303 Dr. Sample
Boss SP-303 Dr. Sample

SP-303 Dr. Sample, Sampler from Boss in the SP series.

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Alcorine 10/30/2002

Boss SP-303 Dr. Sample : Alcorine's user review


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With a polyphony of 8 dj can do many things, unfortunately, the use of effects is divided by two.
16bits/44.1 kHz converters are the big plus of this phrase sampler (competition only 32 kHz), the quality is good, we can DGRAD sound samples for percussion or drums, the quality LoFi makes it good for hip hop.
With 26 effects one might say that we Roland is still a selling point, as is the case because they are pretty good overall, I use them also for external instruments from the microphone jack.
In a twelve o'clock and that's it, if you plug a keyboard so you can enjoy the VLOC.
Squenceur The pattern is a good innovation from the SP202, making it a little mini-sampler groovebox, unfortunately we can not combine the sounds of diffrent banks A, B, C and D. ..
The default is the major SP303 time-stretch terribly wrong. For example, if you go from 120 bpm 119 altration you hear a dj, gold n'tait not the case with the SP202 o one was receiving only sacadas run its course (70 bpm ) trs is a shame because for the synchronization of all samples must be bored to have the same tempo of departure. For me it is the weak point of the Roland SP303 could avoid.


The SP family of one of the easiest handle. any beginners get a snap about the results convincing. The buttons allow great expressiveness.
The edition is rudimentary sounds, the screen displays only three characters, we called all the ear with the button marking. The function of resampling is a bndiction not to lose its original prcieux samples.
The possibility of placing samples in WAV format same SmartMedia from your PC simplifies things. If you have an editor of his happiness is ensured.


Converters taient the major weakness of the SP202, for me they are of good quality sound recording without apparent distortions or breath.
The effects and filters asceptiser far from the sound can give a little relief even dirty it in the right sense.
With the compressor, the dynamic is really good, the sound level should not SP303.


I have over the past year, honest if we look a phrase sampler, it fulfills its function and even a little more. What it lacks in order to be truly enjoyable it up a notch like the SP505 and timestretch worthy of the name. Nevertheless, Roland / Boss does not charge the SP303 too expensive (it's even the cheapest of all the phrase samplers on the market. For many people it's a toy, a To some extent this term is MRIT (it is far from professional samplers), but musically it allows many fantasies and is fully usable. When I sold my SP202 for Akai S2000 I really thought no longer need, but I'm back on my RULING and bought a SP303 for its spontaneous and amliorations significantly from the year. It seems to me that if I claim, I fail even when ...