E-MU E4 Platinum
E-MU E4 Platinum

E4 Platinum, Sampler from E-MU.

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synoptik 01/04/2008

E-MU E4 Platinum : synoptik's user review


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Connections are complete we can not, it's simple all options are present E-mu!
- 128-voice polyphony
- 128 MB RAM Hard Drive IDE or SCSI internal
- 32 Bit Risc Processor
- 21 Z-Plane Filters
- 16 analog audio outputs balanced or unbalanced 6.35mm
- 6 analog audio inputs balanced or unbalanced 6.35mm
- Adat 8 In - 16 Out
- Effects Processor RXF-32 (32Bit)
- Inputs Outputs: AES-EBU / SPDIF / Word Clock
- 32 MIDI channels
- Port to ASCII keyboard
- 2 SCSI ports Sequencer 48 tracks

The editing software is available Packs, EOS Link (without interest) which is a reproduction of the front of the sampler and Zoeos Zuonics which the development has unfortunately been suspended on mac


The general ergonomics, that of the EOS as well as that of the facade is simple and accessible, the large screen plays for many, we sample, are assigned and it plays the sound ... but it is only the beginning.
Just prepare some presets (blank) in advance of programing including Voices and strings, store them on SD and load at the time of the creation of a preset ...
Adding an ASCII keyboard further increases the speed of action and editing presets / fx, now everything is relative to a face or other Kontakt vsti ...
The Cords ... turie with just 23 sources / destinations and 16 parameters (optional) assignable to a MIDI controller.


The converters of the sampler are colored which gives a warm, round, associated with the rendering filters is particularly effective on bass and drum while still remaining versatile, dynamic sound quality and are waiting for you!
Effects (RFX) have a routing possibilities for mind-blowing but complex, it is necessary unlike a sampler some time to adapt to master this card, but then it is a gas plant associated with an ultra complete connectivity, the sampler is then transforms into a formidable multi-effect with up to three analog stereo inputs and four stereo inputs in Adat with the ability to trigger these inputs (via a MIDI controller) to move from one bus to another (12 to total) on the fly! Up to 6 effects per bus for a total of 16 effects simultaneously, mixing function allows it to route to when the same input or preset to 4 dep. to. supplying a bus chancun effect


I used an 5000 Ultra in 2002 before moving on E4P in 2007.
With a complete connection, a card effect formidable and a modulation matrix that allows just about everything, this machine goes well beyond mere "sampler" (multi-purpose, trig and audio AD / DA converter 8-channels via a sound card adat), however it has still some bugs related to the OS (4.7) by Creative sloppy Repeat this choice? ... without hesitation