E-MU E4 Platinum
E-MU E4 Platinum

E4 Platinum, Sampler from E-MU.

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Crystale 06/03/2003

E-MU E4 Platinum : Crystale's user review


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2 default:

- The utility edition is a reproduction of the notch hardware: No intrt
Provided that we go deep into use, the formulation is much too slow on the PC and planting pattern.
Would have had to use a large window with a lot more editable parameters.

- The memory is too small (512, 1 GB would see prfrable t, given the power and quality of the machine.


The complete manual in French, when??


Nothing wrong, for all in one, great!


Use: Since October 2001
The price is a bit lev but it's justified.
Exprience with this choice I would do without hsiter!
It's a bit less convenient than the Akai S6000, but the sound is better. Warmer, rounder.