Ensoniq ASR-10
Ensoniq ASR-10
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sp7 03/14/2008

Ensoniq ASR-10 : sp7's user review


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T says it all

except that the input / output board his fragile

complete connection


The config is simple
The edition is also
the manual is well done with lots of tips and advice sampler etc ...
edit of 07/05/07: received them crashes when using the sequencer with the simultaneous sound edition: error 129 ...> not too much torture machine

on 28/05/07
APRS a little over 6 months of use
I mainly used the sampler to sample in mic or line
and closure and Standardization (easy and high quality sound). Then I backup disk and I transfer to a E5000 ultra Emu To create the preset bank and stocks on the hd of the emu
I prefer to trigger the samples of the fawn and the asr then rutiliser
as multi fx send return


The converters are hot, the sound is enjoyable and well Dfine trs
the samples have a color and a slight grain "nasal" individuals close to the E-mu ESI that I possd 4000.
multi fx is really good trs: reverbs, delays, distos, simulated amp, chorus, flanger, phaser, eq, comp, de-esser.
possibility of multi fx for some patch like: delay, chorus or delay, phaser etc.
the editing parameters are complete at a glance the effects section is an integral part of sound creation and is not a gadget.
There is also a resonant filter Fx diskette waveboys edite by which the quality is excellent.
The momentum is clearly very satisfactory.

a musical point of view can have a whole set CRER percussions, bass, pads, leads


I've had three months
most: sound, fxs
Cons: * The system sometimes crashes and bug (error 129 ---> reboot?) necessarily save work often.
* Fragile floor of sampling (too little to the clipping circuit hs).
* The machine weighs 20Kg which requires some logistics for the transport )
Q / p: 400 euro bought used but the floor Hs sampling after 2 months not happy because he daut have between 200 and 300 euros for a repair.
du11/02/07 edition: in fact it was the fuse that sampling had dropped, they are replaced and works well!
against access by fuses requiring disassembly of the motherboard ... fragile and dlicat
I intend to keep this machine, but if I had the funds I will opt for a computerized config with a sound card or Motu and Digidesign type software with a sampling sequencer but it will be as ergonomics ais impeccable and transportation, however I think that this solution does not exist yet or it's the custom.