Roland S-760
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Shamk 11/29/2003

Roland S-760 : Shamk's user review


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Manufacturer Roland
Release year 1990
Latest version 2.24 system
Ram Max. 32MB Max. Comes with 2MB
Backlit LCD. Can connect an optional external monitor
Controller (s) specific (s) No
Channel 12:16

Sampling rate 44.1 kHz 48 kHz 16 bit stereo
A / D Converter 16 bits
D / A Converter 20 bit
24 voice polyphony (but of 32 multitimbral parts)
Number of sounds -
Resampling Yes
Sound synthesis
Yes filters
No effects
No other type of synthetic


Stereo audio input
Stereo audio outputs + 6 individual outputs. Map option to add a digital input and 2 additional digital outputs.
Digital I / O Option
MIDI in, out, thru
Worldclock: No
Backup: Disk 3.5 "(2HD/2DD)
File format S750
Formats can read Roland S330, S550, Akai S1000
Publisher No computer
Options Card OP-760-01 offering:
one video port, a mouse to edit
Digital inputs and outputs (1in and 2 outs)

Dimensions (LxWxH) 482mmx44mmx? Mm
Weight? Kg


S760 with an OP1 is a unit sampling indépandante, easy to use, as long as you have a monitor or TV without the OP1, I do not know, because the menu in the menu, I ca get tired quickly ....

Nothing is easier than editing a sound, hop a mouse click and you're done, I find the interface fairly intuitive, you just formed a little over early.

The manual is clear enough and to get out!

The only criticism that I would do is the mapping of keys is quite heavy, especially when you want to do mapping for drums o /


Crystalline! nothing to say about the sound, and also having an emu, I love my emu, but with my S760 is love crazy!

Filters are powerful and very useful, multi-layer has the roland in the line of JV 880-1080-2080 is significant, because up to four instrument sounds.


This will be a year j'e him and I do not part with it, I like the sound design.
32MB is it enough, I would buy a second! The price? I did buy from our German friends, for Ebay, for about € 240 OP1 WITH the sampler! I am satisfied, and I had the choice again, I remake, and although this sampler over 10 years (and yes it is a pure !!!), meirveille!