Roland SP-606
Roland SP-606

SP-606, Sampler from Roland in the SP series.

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conyB 09/12/2005

Roland SP-606 : conyB's user review


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Attention first notice after 10 days of fly!
CHARACTERISTICS: see website "roland"
well, here's an extra sampler that will master the samples taken without the cabbage ...
well almost! MIDI is a bit lightweight after what you want to do with (attention, well informed on the board of the implmentation !)..... therm "groove box" is only valid for Children who are content to 8 voice polyphony (mono )..... IDAL is to use it to tweak sounds (good potential effects of unlimited ... if you resample (point fort) or the sounds traffickers). 45 effects each with 3 paramtres x2 is good!!
the extension of memory is a little .... bndiction CHRE (60 euros for 256MB), it allows large sampler phrases.
part in the mode pattern is pretty light .... ..... what to song mode and inexplicit pnible edit it ..... one wonders what is l!

no comments on the "usb and software P606", my pc is too old, he has two and a half years ..... thank you roland remember the poor !!!!!
A year APRS:
and I am sticking to my guns ... I used mostly for my BAR and samples from scratch .... on the P606, a does not always attract me! MIDI is complex but we got it!
about the effects that are good, it is pathetic not being able to put in pad and save ....
We can only put them on the whole, and possibly by the effects dbrayer pad .....


The config gnrale is enjoyable and simple, but far from the kind sp303 or SU200 sampler ..... it must be before any train retain and store the manual! However, the function "func" to enter in the sub-modes is easy .... some rglages pnibles (audio in) but it is rcompenss
by the flexibility-General for all functions.
the black spot: MIDI! (Well, have to say that I am allergic !)... the 16 pads x 32 banks (with ID) can be controlled via an external squenceur .... but then have to hang! (Do not ask too rappel! at noon!)
A year APRS :..... no midi out for ??????.... pads or I do not understand!!
trsdevant it ..... -1 Point!


For sound, it's more than okay ..... treatments to customize its grain as
Farewell ..... we want the sound of the name "foo-foo ".... hello" my "sound! (Boostages of all kinds possible !).... remember that a sampler is a mid-range (16 bits 44.1khz-)....
abusing effects with modration !!!!!......
..... The VLOC is a bit difficult rgler .... we'll see just does not come on !!!!!!
APRS a year: for the bike's great programming! ... Live a little difficult sensitive assay
when you're in the "move "!!!! ... But I wanted to say something: I fell crazy in love with her .... we can hope to rot ... I almost feel like a drummer at the back of my garage !!!!! rang true!


For 700 euros + 60 for the memory, is a good machine, Maitena has only 10 days !........ I have no surprises if not some compatibility with the pc for me !.... and plastic body !..... any fawn, the report qualitprix trs is good .... only in this range with the same function and ergonomics ..... not so many choices!!

a more complete view in a month!
on a year .... RAS!