Roland W-30
Roland W-30

W-30, Sampler from Roland.

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strobo 01/30/2003

Roland W-30 : strobo's user review


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The converters are 16bit, 32kHz if I remember correctly.
Effects, y 'no.
The memory is 1 MB and the OS is on diskette.
There is a connection complte with 8 outputs (sampler), between a mono audio SETTING THE gain, and an optional SCSI interface, but in many Submitted W30 ...


Gnrale configuration is not simple. Trs difficult without the doc to navigate the menus. (Function keys yet practical).

The edition is nice sounds, thanks to large LCD (Blue and Zoli) trs intuitive but not my taste. Fortunately, there is a jog shuttle, and that's good.

The manual, I have not had ...


The sound. It is the that the W30 is trs fort.
How to explain what can not be explained?

The sound samples with this sampler are cradingues. (Well, from any sound card worthy of the name ...)
But filtering derrire is terrible !!!!! (Including the filter VCF / rsons) with an impressive dynamic on keyboards, giving a touch particulire sounds.

I remember a song "house" I did 5 years ago with. The low sample and filter in the W30 is monstrous (a sample of an old piece of funk) and each time I cost you, I took a slap (especially the percussion come from my S950, since sold).

The sound is immediately identifiable, is done. (A kind of prsence, as if the sound picked up by a silent micro trs close ...)

In addition, there are many sound banks on floppies (Universal Sound Bank) really nice, with sounds still valid (I had one with a deadly Rhodes, unfortunately, is HS ..., ( )


I had an S1000 (yuck, Akai's at its best), an S950, a W30. I also worked with a S3200.

The W30 is a really nice keyboard, keyboard matre even in the limit. But it is also an excellent sampler booster for all those who are working in the hiphop / house / funk. (The opportunity to have both a master keyboard and a great sampler!)