Todd Bailey Where’s The Party At
Todd Bailey Where’s The Party At

Where’s The Party At, Sampler from Todd Bailey.

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WTPA 8-bit DIY Sampler

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Todd Bailey has introduced an 8-bit sampler for all the Lo-Fi and DIY lovers out there.

  • 8-bit max sample depth, 1-bit minimum.
  • 20kHz (or so, user adjustable) max sample rate, no minimum.
  • 512k SRAM, about 26 seconds (minimum) or sample time.
  • Big, versatile 6 button, 7 knob, 8 LED user interface. For Cavemen.
  • Big and versatile full MIDI control in and out capability. Sequenceable. For people who use Live and general bespectacled electronic music nerds.
  • Sample banking -- multi-timbral recording, playback and audio processing across all banks.
  • Sample multiplication, XOR, ABS, and all sorts of other weird sample processing and cross-modulation.
  • Real time overdubbing.
  • Preferences saved in permanent memory.
  • Hackable analog clock source which can be syncronized to other synths.
  • Non-Hackable crystal clock source.
  • Programmable clock jitter, bit rate reduction, aliasing, and sample clock errors all adjustable in real time.
  • On-The-Fly Granular reconstruction of samples.
  • Full pitch control of samples.
  • Self test mode for debugging.
  • 2.8Hz-357kHz frequency response (measured).
  • Sub-audible noise floor.

Pricing & Availability
The circuitry alone is available for $75. Up to you to find a casing, powering, connectors and controllers.

All the necessary information exists on the creator's webpage, though.
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