Yamaha A3000 V2
Yamaha A3000 V2

A3000 V2, Sampler from Yamaha.

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Remyxc 06/12/2005

Yamaha A3000 V2 : Remyxc's user review


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64 votes to 16 channels, it can stepfather a little short today, but I think for the intended use of the A3000 is intended is correct.
Remember, this sampler converts 16-bit x16 in A / D and 18-bit 4x D / A. I do not think that we can take the A3000 honntement in default on that. It is a professional machine. As always, this is a matter of personal apprciate.
The effects are especially numerous and Varis. The ingnieurs from Yamaha have managed dvellopper original effects that stick perfectly the spirit of the machine. Whether LO-FI, Beat the change or the combined effects (Wah + Overdrive) you can find anything to express in all directions. The classical effects are also correct in my trs. In the end, the 54 effects are not a poisoned chalice. In addition the default presets provide a good idea to select the effect.
The A3000 comes 2 MB, which should provide just over 11 seconds in Stereo 44.1 kHz. Can be mounted up to 128 MB (32x2, which cancels the 2 MB of factory). The strips are 72-pins/32bits SIMM.
Originally, we find that the triplet and two MIDI outputs Stereo (main + assignable) Jack in 6.35. Ambas a SCSI 50 pin is also proposed as standard.
AIEB1 with the card, life is more beautiful!
It includes:
I / OS / PDIF optical on TOS Link base
I / OS / PDIF coaxial (RCA)
6 assignable outputs desire in Stereo or mono.
There is an editor for gnial SERIES A3K, it is bZone. This shareware dveloppement being a dj trs indpendant is complete. Dveloppeur his wish to go even further will integrate into a single software publisher + transfer samples in SMDI (SCSI transfer), but the State, is bZone dj standard for anyone using the A3000 in home studio with a PC.


As often with Yamaha is a complete and really easy to use. It asks a little forcment trvail and patience to take in hand, but compared with the equivalent competition, it's really affordable. In addition, the manuals are clear and complete ... Perfect for all musicians typres! ...


The converters are excellent!
The Systm triple modular multi-effects in all directions with a range of filters really complte ... FABULOUS!
The sound, as a whole, is really good ... respect and trs


I used this unit for four years to work alone first, "home studio" and then in a group (rock / electro / trip-hop ...) and especially scne. This is the IDAL! For what it cost me the era (and what it costs today !!!...), is really unbeatable in report / qualitprix. To find a reproach this device?? Heeeuuuuu ........ The Yamaha Service not efficient trs. In case of failure, you have to be patient ... Fortunately, ca never falls down! ... If you hsitez, n'hsitez addition, you will not be of your purchase you equipping of A3000 V2 ...