Yamaha A3000 V2
Yamaha A3000 V2

A3000 V2, Sampler from Yamaha.

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Seith 07/23/2004

Yamaha A3000 V2 : Seith's user review


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64-note polyphony
Very good converter shows what goes ditto
The effects are the highlight of the sampler simply creatif
4 MB expandable to 128 bar by edo 72ns not too hard to find
The connection is complete, 10 analog outputs, an in / out SPDIF, trio noon, analog stereo input
there is software that allows a3kremote bzone and not to touch the sampler, to myself the names are filled up with a get calves


The config is simple, I do not get it the guy that the massacre on the forum they should not have the doc, it is possible to define default settings such as the coup adsr any sample load or record will play with these parameters it can be the filter effect of the release ect ... so we sample and direct plays for such a program akai often critical point while possessing a low s3000xl I guarantee the quality of reproduction.
The edition of sounds is a little harder because of sounds different interface but if done quickly, is still worth mieu bzone run at the same time for the name and placement
the manual is super clear and detailed for the person who opens


Yes, ais the trick is that the most brilliant record and monitor mode on the final sound you hear I mean by that if you put on the frequency of 22khz recording you will hear the sounds in real time to change you listen therefore it seems that will be the 22khz mode beton.le lofi mieu is incredible that the 22khz and 44 is almost as crazy.
effects and filters are hell the person is not contradict me kontakt ouarff at the soft shit.
Demonte dynamics but do not abuse the normalization of samples


Its been a year and I think bought the A5000 has a double in 3000 is
all but the knob capricious
5 other brands that I have the yamaha does not have to blush for it's unbeatable create the drum kit in 5 / 5, by the way I vsti with the sample and has nothing to do.
I paid 350 euros with 64 MB of RAM then a super DD8 gigas
no problem I would do this purchase and I recommend it to all the creators of sounds