Akai Professional MPC4000

MPC4000, Sampling Sequencer from Akai Professional in the MPC series.

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mitchgeist 10/23/2012

Akai Professional MPC4000 : mitchgeist's user review

« MPC 4000 is a MONSTER »

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The MPC 4000 was released in 2002 by Akai and was intended to be the leader of the hardware samplers. Its notable features are:

16 velocity and pressure sensitive pads
2 MIDI inputs, 4 MIDI outputs
96 kHz 24bit sampling
16 MB sampling memory, upgradeable to 512 MB
IDE bays for installation of internal hard disk drive and CD-ROM drive.
Optional plug-in boards: Effects board, ADAT board, S/P-DIF & wordclock board, 8 analogue outputs board
SCSI interface


The MPC 4000 is similiar to most of the other MPC's in the way that it is sequenced. A manual comes with the MPC 4000 but in my opinion, it is the type of tool that should be explored on its own. Everything is very straight forward on the 4000, and it boots up quickly everytime. One of my favorite features of the MPC 4000 is how fast you can load, save, discard, truncate, and manipulate samples of any kind.


The MPC 4000 doesn't come with any stock samples because it is a sampler. And unlike other MPC's, this is a 24-bit machine so you aren't going to get that gritty, lofi, 12-bit sound of older samplers. This MPC prides itself on sound quality and it does have a great sound! It is still punchy, but clarity always stays in the sounds.

The effects are fairly usable. It comes with bread-and-butter effects such as EQ, Compression, Filters, Gate, and other basic effects. The pads are very sturdy too and it feels great playing drums out on them.


My overall opinion is that the MPC 4000 is the best of all the MPC's. It is stable, easy to use, and provides the most features of any MPC besides the 5000. I have tried multiple MPC's but this one was my favorite for these reasons. I have let go of my MPC 4000 and bought a Maschine, but there are lots of days I wish I had never made that move!

I overall give the 4000 a 9/10 stars.