Akai Professional MPC500

MPC500, Sampling Sequencer from Akai Professional in the MPC series.

ericthegreat 11/27/2011

Akai Professional MPC500 : ericthegreat's user review

« Just ok »

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The MPC 500 is ok in my opinion. The issue is the screen, because I am used to the 4000 and 1000. The 500 comes up really short. Good thing about it is that its so portable you can take it anywhere and do some sampling. But unfortunately you cannot chop samples on the 500. You must use your computer and then load them from there to the 500.


Great price right for this machine. You just have to time it's a small sampler / sequencer super tough for the pros who want to really put a bottom in the delirium mpc I would recommend instead a model above.
Personally I would look to repeat that offer other models, but for now I have and I will not part with it I love it!


The sound has a good potato, just typed but not bad. (Ca always sounds a little differently after sampling, especially when you normalize)
the pads are responding really well and are top comfort (my fingers are enjoying), I admit that not I do not play drums with the velocities.
The effects are not extra-extra I must admit, and that it have only one output limits the use of external effects ... So here is the smaller less.


It's been a while and overall I think this a sampler / sequencer exceptional, especially with the composition by ear I think it's really huge! It is a blow to take if you do not know but after the madness MPC is a real breath of fresh air.
Do not think that only the hip hop with this kind of gear, I may as well electro and jungle, break core or even, with disconcerting ease, the foot.
Only regret: the effects good but not great (well who cares it's not what you asked) but mostly there is only one exit. At least two would have been nice, the top four, but I understood that I would have a more compact and less fat (like the 1000 or something like that)