Korg ElecTribe Es-1
Korg ElecTribe Es-1

ElecTribe Es-1, Sampling Sequencer from Korg in the ElecTribe series.

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avatar au congo 11/05/2002

Korg ElecTribe Es-1 : avatar au congo's user review


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Cool effects, oriented electro zic, not my kif. But honntement they are cool.
Midi In / Out / Thru
There are some software that balandent on the mailling list on groups.yahoo.com electribe


Editing samples rotten. Menfin for the price I guess most c (start, end, fade in, fade out).
SmartMedia is essential.
The machine is simple (trx0x)
Manual a bit rotten it takes a bit to say :-))


It's going.


I have 2 years. And I will change the edition Paske samples is too poor and I do not want to juggle tt time with the PC.
Alternatively, for live, c very cool, I think that the most interresting SP505 (for live, sequencing trx0x)
Otherwise sounds fit well or after a time there is a loss of quality lfre but again live, c cool.
To compose songs relement, I'm not sure whether the machine IDAL, but the community is yahousienne dmne to customize the machine.