Korg ElecTribe Es-1
Korg ElecTribe Es-1

ElecTribe Es-1, Sampling Sequencer from Korg in the ElecTribe series.

ericthegreat 11/27/2011

Korg ElecTribe Es-1 : ericthegreat's user review

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The Korg Electribe ES1 is a great machine to use with sampling, not as good as the MPC line of productions though in my opinion but it does the trick and its pretty cheap as well. Got one for 350 about two years ago on eBay.


In addition, and something has noted, the samples are stored compressed (ADPCM encoding a Likelihood, a kind of sigma delta used in telephony), and this compression is destructive, ie a bit like the mp3 sample is not kept 100% original It has deteriorated to be stored. It feels a little on sound quality, especially on the harmonically rich sounds in time (voice, etc. ...).
This is extremely disturbing in itself, but is noteworthy because it gives color to the sound, very popular Tribers elsewhere.


The entrance is in good, the record is clear, the conversion is done without color which is appreciable. The sampling rate is lower than a CD and you can feel on the treble. Typically above 14kHz there's more much. Damage to the hats. I do my most difficult but useful for a sampler is, stereo input, effects,


Configuration is quick and easy. No sub menus.
The pads are very pleasant to the touch and the machine responds to tit for tat. For quelqun like me from the world's PC giant
98.3 seconds sample is more than enough to cope. Contrary to what has been said in other posts, a smart media card can hold nine memory configure the bike, each time with 16 songs and 98.3 seconds per sample configure. Add to that samples parts for Trip to wav (up to 100 additional samples can be stored on the memory card and loaded the bike).
A configure (16 songs - 98.3 seconds of sample) to take max 4.5 Megs SM on the map. 9 configure ca therefore takes about 40 Megs 9 configure to complete - remains in place for 24 Megs of sample at 32kHz on a map 64 Megs. So that you can keep your SM still 12 minutes of additional samples at this frequency.
Used in "Cubase", 98.3 seconds is nothing I agree.