Roland MC-808
Roland MC-808

MC-808, Sampling Sequencer from Roland in the MC series.

laulau010 04/17/2008

Roland MC-808 : laulau010's user review


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Noon x2 usb nothing alarming though
good but can do better especially point of view of routing 2 prosseseurs ffects

it is limited to 16 tracks 2 posibilities
there is no comutation matrix or routing of powerful effects.

a squanceur well with the mix in + the sampling function and the editor's sample map see 1GB max
and that the fader polifonie 128 channels that is very good as I regrete limitations comprsseur in sotie not routable souaits shame.
ps: MIDI and usb does not work in simultanbr />

For use has still a groovbox Advent I had what differences MC303
the manual is very clear the fontions quickly asses on hand but if we no pc
even for live may become embarrassing the evolution of products that acctuelle
it is better to have a small notebook handy.


Sound very typ roland there is anything that makes the mc-808 a very polivalente machie
more than elctribe there are a lot of very good qualities patch asses realistic strong punch roland roland but it would have stopped in just echatilloner type of instrument violins or flutes small singing e clarinets and woods.

We do not have sounds disyner or what one must modify to get the balance tec otherwise dimension of bateries and diver rhitmyques the kits you have the best of the best

groovbox the 808 and 909's worthy of the dcendantes tr-tb-909 and 303 short rhytm a box with a good squanceur and are chationner (better than a Korg) for tablecloths of synt better prvoir synt buying a pc or mac or Logicil

ps: the lfo way that sounds very configurable (must touch the ball) and paser there alot of time
for effects there are much better than a 303 or 505 can do cool mods asse (parcontre of the above are very lectcribe for effects) with a firmwar More efx delay and chorus would be the must and we pourait advantage of new effects synt g6

the warning at roland there can tracking groovebox he focuses on novelties they tell the sav europe if you speak tinoi help us translate the mail that are.
in the forums please


I have to then a year

What is the particular feature you like best and least

I mamuse well with you have to work for aprendre c is the best (better than a soft pc I think)

the squanceur works well the arpeggiator (programable) soft pc gives full of very end rglages access.
good stuff for that price 800 there is nothing else on the walk even with a PC except squanseur point of view of SYNTS or effect that is almost at will on a routable daw logic confrre bank and the outcome of the v-synt would be the 808 meter in
another dimension since there the potetiel and 3 tones SETTINGS disponiles.aler patch structure and change the sound of a patch on a v-snyt and on 808 there is a big diference + n is its modrne Csaire the beep sounds bib back too easily as the juno g (for having tested) and especially not fair nou the shot samples Pouris sp 555.
despite the defects that I denounce highest mc-808 is a good affordable product unless its release in 1100 but poorly followed by Developeur roland
so why should it not new waveforms of aditionels patches and integrates new .so effects because of only 6 notes.

else the south of mc-808 with aure brand roland son gives trouble more than one (see the forum) and more than 3 because of the south

for MIDI does not cont recorded midi messages from an external apareill to control the aver mc 808 especially if it is not a roland product.