Roland MC-808
Roland MC-808

MC-808, Sampling Sequencer from Roland in the MC series.

itak 05/05/2009

Roland MC-808 : itak's user review


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The MC 808 has the ncessaires connections to conventional connection, audio outputs and noon, usb to the computer (mac or pc).
200's and something like fifty rhythmic quality kit.
any fawn with a compact flash card, one can load SEVERAL hundred other sounds so if you bump the machine is not ungrateful.
the software allows to modify each aillor patch or new sample
the famous motorized faders allow to keep the memory movements like mao and ac 'is a class, you can concentrate on one part of the pattern to play manually (must, for fun ...) and program a complex life cot ....
squenceur is the standard: loop many of the different measuring tens nothing do with Korg.
the effects are a little below them, a pity, but coupled with good programming is compensated.


I 've taste the Korg EMX1 at a mate, that is on the request of roland works, a lot of work (and gallons of hot coffee ....) but pay.
less direct than his colleague, it helps with a can of experience to do very nice things even live but less radical (change of effects for example)
for the edition, the more it's not easy, but life is hard I think, huge
it's like comparing Zelda fihgter street, the 808 is exciting from that point of view, and it's like a that you have to see, if it's not worth it ...


The sounds are varied, I made of electro, tech trend hard, but I mvade in extraordinary personal trips and I have to .... koi software and sampler allows anyway one of accder happiness no matter what.
but it's true that the guys at roland might think has some preset core a little more, it would be cool for them, but should not navel gazing, the purchase has gnraliste and more day passes, you Gave the new patch and the fact !!!
sounds realistic says: average more
I 'like SYNTH and PLS (pulsating synth) damage that it does not have any more .. (PLS)
finally sends it anyway!
less fat than korg but the potential variety is, it largely dessu, so more possibilities out stuff not heard ten thousand times Adi


I have the last 9 months, I 'am happy .... it m' has obliged progress ....
j 'AIMME most: -possibilit of edition fine
Programmable -faders
-the while a
least: -livr without RAM
-al fragile air
-the effects .......

It is a machine for hard workers, not srieux refrain ...