Glp Pocket Scan
Glp Pocket Scan

Pocket Scan, Moving mirror from Glp.

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williamhardy78 01/12/2005

Glp Pocket Scan : williamhardy78's user review


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I have been using for over a year now and I'm really super excited.

I have the complete package with flight case and the DC1216 controller of the same color as the Pocket Scan.
Just that when I arrive for a service, it's serious with respect to clients.

I made the XLR cables and industry custom.
Because of their very low weight, the installation is really great and especially rapidemment ONLY! (Scanning in one hand and screwing in the other).
We leave the scan of the fly, they are fixed on the gantry is near.

And addressing the wiring is very simple and fast, thanks to the monitor.

Another point to consider:
It may, on the scan, thanks to the controller, be dignent programs of computer control, and very simply because of the ungrateful in the special features DMX CHANNELS:
- Automatic color change speed programmed
- Color change on the music directly from the internal microphone on the Pocket Scan, and therefore this feature can be included in a program.
- Ditto with gobos
- Speed ​​Shuter
- Speed ​​of the mirror built into the program (not the DMX controller)!
- Moving the mirror to the music, built into the program, and I think these only scan I know of that offers this feature.
- + Laser flash rate

On the other hand the reset of the scan can be done directly from the controller dmx.

The effect is really great evening and this scan and perfect for any small room (40-70personnes or large living room).

The pocket scan is smaller than a mushroom!

Indeed really recommend.
If my purchase was to be redone I referrer.