Avid Sibelius 7
Avid Sibelius 7

Sibelius 7, Score writing software from Avid in the Sibelius series.

Fauvez-Willy 01/27/2012

Avid Sibelius 7 : Fauvez-Willy's user review

«  A complete software for writing »

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No installation problem on Mac.
Setup is very easy because qu'assistée
No conflict
No need for manual install.


Macbook pro (2011) Intel Quad ie7. RME Fireface 800 sound card in Leo.

The starting time of Sibelius is relatively long compared to other apps. But once started, they bump. No crashes since last November. Therefore stable. I used to write arrangements of jazz and contemporary music.

And these performances are also due to input methods: using my iPhone as a Numeric Keypad - numpad not to quote - which matches exactly all the tabs on the numeric keypad Sibelius. Very good saves time and place. We just work on the train without any problem.


It's been several years since I work with Sibelius. And I allowed myself to upgrade to the release of this version 7. (November 2011)

I work also with final (occasionally) that I personally find less suitable for what I do.

The special feature I like most: work quickly, as you would in a good word processor and get a perfect result.

What I like least: having lost all models of documents produced in versions 6, 5, 4 and 3 ... For example the model for re-readable batteries of French drummers (the international system proposed by Sibelius is not a reality on the ground in France) so, once re-back models: one bump!

We could also criticize the playback functions of the partition. Despite the 40 GB of samples, the sound is still as rotten ... The expressions are false, stamps instruments disastrous ... But is it uses a word processor to make it play? Of course not, Sibelius 7 is a word processor for music

Well, you still have to specify that they were very strong at the interface. One can find a little lost for a while. But once built, the interface works for me much faster than the previous one. It provides a planning and organization of work by category. We find still the ability to customize the document which is essential in this work. I think I can say I work in Sibelius, as quickly as to copy text in a word processor. So it's great ...

What is missing in Sibelius? Always a function to return the notes (MIDI keyboard for example) with a tap tempo function, a button or foot, in order to get quick ideas. It exists in Final and it's terrible.