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Geniesoft Updates Overture & Score Writer

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Geniesoft Overture
News Geniesoft Overture

Score writing software from Geniesoft

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GenieSoft has announced that Overture and Score Writer for Mac OS X (Intel) have been updated to version 4.15 Patch 1 and now feature Audio Unit plug-in hosting.

Changes in 4.1.5 – Patch 1:

  • Finally an Intel only version with Audio Unit hosting.
  • Fixed problem that caused playback to be hung and could not be stopped.
  • Fixed Set Key Signature dialog bug that did not transpose correctly.
  • Fixed print bug that sometimes did not print bracket on first system.
  • Fixed Shift-Click on Dynamics handle to align dynamics and hair pins.
  • Fixed crash when extracting parts, especially when Split and Divisi values were set.
  • Fixed staccatissimo symbol display problems.
  • Fixed problem with selecting note and sharp at the same time.
  • Right click now allows Set Key Signature and Time Signature.
  • Fixed problem that prevented stretching dotted/dashed lines on Expressions.
  • Fixed problem with heavy beam thickness when printing.
  • Fixed problem with moving cursor to next measure with arrow and then pasting. Paste went to the following measure.
  • Fixed a few problems in Lyrics Window. Also Return key now enters a space instead of closing the window.
  • Fixed Option/Cmd-Arrows keys to work on MacBook Pro as Home, End, Page Down, and Page Up.
  • Fixed Step Input not entering notes after eighth notes.
  • Improved tie placement of slurs and accidentals on clusters.

Known issues with this release:

  • Does not read Overture 1 and 2 files. (You need a copy of Overture 3 for converting the old files).
  • While moving mouse through Graphics palette the submenus do not work. They work when palette is floating.
  • The AU/Audio Preferences has not been implemented.
  • Editing score while zoomed in to large percentages may cause improper scrolling of window.
  • When in the background the application may behave funny when resumed or may even crash.
  • The dock is automatically hidden until we work out some issues with screen display.
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