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l'nono 11/02/2004 LilyPond [Freeware] : l'nono's user review


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The only thing to know about the habits of the click-click the mouse: Lilypond is a description language score, not a software interface. We called partition with editor texts any (emacs in my case) and one passes file obtained Lylipond that emerges printable versions (postscript and PDF) and MIDI. In practice, the description language is simple and logical, and APRS few hours of practice you can go faster trs.

There are also graphical interfaces for gnrer Lilypond files, but I have never seen a really usable.

The software is very simple to install Linux, MacOSX little more complicated (just use fink). I did not test other platforms.


For my meager needs (rarely more than 2 or 3 pages for 2 or 3 instruments), Lilypond works perfectly on my two machines (Athlon XP1800/512 MB / Linux and iBook G3 500 / 320 MB / MacOSX). For this type of partition, the gnration gure does a few seconds. I have never met a problem due to the software itself, for cons, some GUI code gnrent limit so impractical that we must use them with the exact version Lilypond of t for which they have Designed.


I use occasionally Lilypond about two years. Is the only editor Partitions srieux I utilis; I also somewhat got at description language ABC although simplest quickly limit. I see no reason to change.