Sibelius Sibelius 3.x
Sibelius Sibelius 3.x

Sibelius 3.x, Score writing software from Sibelius.

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Coquelicot 07/07/2004

Sibelius Sibelius 3.x : Coquelicot's user review


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The software installation is done without any problem.
The installation package also proposes to install the Kontakt Player Silver Native Instruments, Sibelius Scrotch for the online edition and a version of Neuronal Allgemeine Photoscore for automatic partition via scanner.

L o I had some difficulty is to spend at Kontack Kontkt Silver Gold. It must indeed first and then install the deuxime. Then go silbelius To unload the kontakt silver (otherwise it puts us incompatibility message and restart Sibelius Ractive kontack the player (gold this time).

Well, we will not quibble, Sibelius is installed spend more ...


On a PC PIV 2.8 with 1024 MB RAM you can imagine that I had no problem of slowing down.
At sound card, I'm just at the moment of my Sound Blaster Audigy 1.
Sibelius is used without problem in my soundfonts but the interest is through the kontakt player gold for Native Instruments sound more couraging.
No problem of stability either.


I use Sibelius 3 for about 8 months (I use Sibelius since version 2) and I must admit that editing software scores the most friendly I have ever given to t use. I tried Finale (all versions since 2000) but I soon realized I had no time to lose with this software inadequate formatting partitions.
In short, the strengths:

- User-friendly interface, it stays there for hours without losing time.
- Many examples of pre-created partiton, tablatures, big band, symphony orchestra, quartet ...
- Assistant of new partitions, layout, type of caratres, measurement, anachrouse, Tone Tempo ...
- Reading raliste (dynamics, slowed down, again, da capo coda ...)
- Edit faster with the same shortcuts in a text editor (Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V. ..)
- Quickly insert notes thanks to the keypad which takes the form known numrique pav on your keyboard.
- All basic actions available on a right mouse click, time signature tonality, chord grid, a symbol of edition, measure, bar line, text, triplet, changing the type of door. ..
- For the orchestral parts, Sibelius transposes transposing intruments automatically.
- Extraction of APRS parts spares the main driver.
- Wav file recording (using the kontakt player)
- A SERIES of plugins for complete analysis, using the composition, laconvertion Finale file, finger automatic instruments.
- The automatic layout of the doors along the page, a rgal!
- Processing and editing of tablatures for guitar, bass, lute, madoline ...
- Color Management for any element of the partition.
- ...

- The prices, dear!
- No official translation.
I must admit that this last point of me, so I spent a few weeks to translate this great software in French, if your interesss, contact me!