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Thread Nomad Producer Pack - $499 -20% Discount?

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1 Nomad Producer Pack - $499 -20% Discount?
Dear Fanzines,

As all of you probably know by now, we have a great promotion going on at DontCrac[k] with an exclusive Nomad Factory 26 piece bundle offer that sells at only $499 (until Nov 15), the "Ultimate Nomad Factory Producer Pack"

But did you know you can get an extra 20% discount on that? As most of you know, we have a permanent "Quantitative Discount" deal that enables customers to make their own bundle and save up to 20% on any brand or products we carry. Here's how it goes :

• Add a second product to your cart and get 5% discount
• Add a third product to your cart and get 10% discount
• Add a Fourth product to your cart and get 15% discount
• Add a fifth product or more to your cart and get 20% discount

This also applies to the exclusive Nomad Factory "Producer Pack" sold at only $499. A great opportunity to make hugh savings on the best plug-ins sold online...

Quantitative discounts apply at checkout...

Ain't that cool

All the best - Peter
Peter Donovan - DontCrac[k]