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Thread Is the MD421 a good mic for my situation?

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1 Is the MD421 a good mic for my situation?
I have 2 problems: a very small apartment where acoustic treatment is not possible (so a condenser might not be ideal for my vocals), as well as allergies that give me a very nasally singing voice that can, at times, sound dull or sound worse on certain, bright mics.

I've heard that Interpol used it on their first album. Their singer used the MD421 as a handheld mic (even though obviously it's most commonly used for miking cabs and toms), and did a great job of achieving an overdriven sound (with a cranked preamp). Is there anyone here that has experience with the MD421 and can, more specifically, recommend this or any other mic for a small, acoustically untreated space and nasally vocals?

thank you :D:
I would try the SM7 or SM57 with a good mic pre instead. I think the interpol example has more to do with the professional engineers than the specific microphone that they used