Akai ASQ-10
Akai ASQ-10
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radikal 10/25/2009

Akai ASQ-10 : radikal's user review


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Twelve o'clock complete connectivity (2 ins and 4 outs!), C is the forgotten grandfather of mpc akai invented by Roger Linn, rare very few sold al epoque.
remove some of your mpc sampler and you have a asq10.


C is easy as a machine (like a mpc ...)
the keys are well laid out ...
j have no manual for the asq10 cons before j then j had an MPC3000 Fotocopias have a few pages (on the part sequencer very similar) that m have learned a few tricks ...


Sequencer running carefree, a swing as you like, you c is the master, it shall amend the rate if you have not (correct timing)


made a few weeks ... I used the day went from MPC3000 al asq10 no problem ...
I adore to use the sequencer in step mode (step by step) after having first done in real time, bah wai do you get a sigh of rytmes not possible in real time, Timbaland is a first you use this method and the maxi arinventer the rnb ...
d ocaz has cost between 100 and 400 euros ...
Some ask me why I've changed a MPC3000 against a asq10? well, because I prefer the texture of my sampler Ensoniq asr10 (plug in asq10 akai noon), playing on a keyboard rather than to tam tam on the pads, and I find Ensoniq sequencer of the bad.
yes I would do this choice because c is the best sequencer in the world.
I advise all the world: + Ensoniq akai asq10 asr10: a killing!