Doepfer MAQ16/3
Doepfer MAQ16/3
Aurochs4 08/08/2011

Doepfer MAQ16/3 : Aurochs4's user review


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is already described


See notes at the end


no sound


What can I say!

The MAQ 16 / 3 if you are not motivated to understand, it can serve as a chase hypnotic, it makes clear a headache at the beginning!
My opinion is that it's super powerful, it took me about 1 hour to make a first sequence! and a few days to make a super chiadée. Now I matrise lot in 7 days I find that even if the human interface is outdated we get a do well.

What is missing most to me is an editor software, we regress a bit.

For analog, it should be capable of both the driver volt / octave as Hz / volt (the it is in volt / octave standard Moog / ARP epoch) it is a shame for the yamaha series CS, unless they are modified, or use a converter.

=== === The most
Everything was well thought out, MIDI is implemented (in hard bone 3.61)

-Robustness in the design of the OS (yet to be planted)
-Simple and roubuste
-Game can live so well programmed before
-3 HP, 3 Gates, Nickel!
-Function simultaneously as MIDI and CV
-Possibility to control MIDI instrument (all I think even a mixer, effects, if if if)
-Ability to sequence in all directions
-Ability to transpose
-Up to 48 steps!

=== Least. ===
-Lack an on / off by switch, rather than by rotation of a knob (personal opinion)
2.5 micro-jack, that's frankly an economy has two balls, it's not reliable, especially fragile and it is not the norm.
Lack a midi-Thru
Lack-a second MIDI interface
Part-DUMP exotic, real tired of the old has to do.
-Lack sysex for the external management.
Doc-in English, although quite complete I think
The look ... well, some like it like that too.
-Update super expensive controller card + eprom for version 1.xx
-Mode V / octave frozen

=== === The innaceptables
He clearly lacks a display worthy of the name, it must be systematically paw the doc to understand the abbreviations on a display a 3-digit LED is worthy of 75 years.
-The external power supply ... frankly given space in the box and the super low energy need someone to explain this choice idiot ...
Finishing the box (it's not essential, but the screw was half a horse in the display, I do this when I was 15 and I stripped my achievements)
Award-nine, do not push it!

In the end, no real competition Dopf did a good job, it's certainly improved, but it is not directed too much at first (which may also be damage)
Understandably, the physical sequence of a + incredible for live, even when careful not to overload if the sequence is complex. For the analogue of it back to the sequencer Korg SQ-10!
Good stuff but if not patient, not motivated, do not buy!