Sequential Circuits
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Sequential Circuits user reviews

  • Sequential Circuits Drumtraks

    Sequential Circuits Drumtraks - anticoprecords's review


    See features above or below .. UTILIZATION Setup could not be more simple.pas need manual. Record mode to record, erase to clear .. we made the turn. SOUNDS Sounds can be correct if you hack back to the base but the sounds are not really top …

  • Sequential Circuits Pro-One

    Sequential Circuits Pro-One - cifluid's review


    I think everyone knows ... UTILIZATION Subtractive synthesis SOUNDS Ben that's an interesting part ... I started in music and composition there is only one year (so I am far from a virtuoso of the keyboard), and there I came across the one pr…

  • Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002

    Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002 - source27's review


    8 voice polyphony effects: resonant filter of the Prophet 5 Maximum Memory: 1 mega byte Part 1 stereo, a midi in a MIDI Through a midi out no utility UTILIZATION The configuration is like the analog synths of the era crystal clear, perfec…

  • Sequential Circuits Studio 440

    Sequential Circuits Studio 440 - linn134's review


    The old stuff, and really Exceeds simplistic, we like it or not. UTILIZATION Remember this is a good machine. The use is very simple condition not to allow its neurons in the fridge. For Premire approach, it is best to avoid being full of fumes p…

  • Sequential Circuits Prophet 600

    Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 - Anonyme's review


    Nothing to add. solid black sheet metal, baked enamel, wood sides trs pretty (I recommend beeswax!). UTILIZATION I'm especially to the prciser done everything we can save the patches other than on a cassette interface ... just save them in a…

  • Sequential Circuits Prophet 600

    Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 - Vincenzo213's review


    Analog Synthtiseur 6 voice polyphony 2 VCO per voice (12 in unison mode the big boom sound!) 3 forms by donde Oscillators Filters 24 DB ADSR amplitude Pitch LFO Filter Pulse Memory 100 The south (south of the first synthetic history) …

  • Sequential Circuits Multitrack

    Sequential Circuits Multitrack - voicetrack's review


    Noon, 6 and multi-poly, 6 outputs + spares with a Stereo chorus. Opportunity to divide into 6 mono synth with individual output. COD 1 / vocals: tri / pulse PWM / sawtooth / noise and possibility to do everything at once. VCF Curtis analog s…

  • Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

    Sequential Circuits Six-Trak - Anonyme's review


    One of the first synths noon and happiness is that it is Fully implementations in Control Change, polyphonic and voice multitimbral 6 6 parts, but no effect is not bad all for the era right? Dave Smith, crateur of Sequential Circuits released the …

  • Sequential Circuits Pro-One

    Sequential Circuits Pro-One - Cbass909's review


    A beautiful analog synth! sounds psyche, darks, ... Criar without being dirty or like a Korg MS20. Heard in all parts of John Carpenter (the big sounds scary!) For purists of the Tech-minimalist, the pure sound of Steve Stoll because he has alway…

  • Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Rack

    Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Rack - ostrovitch's review


    Expander, synthse vector 8 notes polyphony, single / split / dual CHARACTERISTICS same keyboard as the Prophet VS. T only about 900 have made, so it's in a rare rare. I have class in the section rack / analog modules, as well as this synth is…