Sequential Circuits Pro-One

Pro-One, Analog Synth from Sequential Circuits.

FP User 10/31/2008

Sequential Circuits Pro-One : FP User's user review


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Probably the best part of this synth is its modulation matrix, allowing you to assign LFO, Filter Envelope and OSC B to OSC A Freq, OS A PW, OSC B Freq, OSC B PW and filter freq. For a vintage analoge synth this is pretty damn good. This allows you to make many different sorts of sounds with it, but it will still always sound like a pro-one tho, its no chameleon. Also got an audio in, which is brilliant for adding analogue warmth or even distortion to digitally produced sounds.

325 UKP


Well theres no presets or anything like that, so you have to program your own patches from scratch. I found this pretty hard work to start with coming from a softsynth background, but after a while i got the hang of it. However, its still easy to find sounds that are great....but finding a sound that u have in your head takes practice. The keyboard verges on useless so its essential to have a midi conversion. luckily my synth does so this hasnt really bothered me.

build quality is pretty shabby, nasty plastic mostly - its not a pretty old girl, but they do seem to survive the years so it cant be all bad i guess


The sound quality is ridiculously warm and fat, this is an extremely powerful synth. Its very noisy tho (even with the noise osc switched off) but this is normal for a synth of its age (20 years). The general tone of the synth is extremely musical and is suprisingly forgiving when slightly out of tune due to the large harmonic content.


Well its vintage, its real analoge, and it sounds like no other synth. Personally i love it to bits and would keep it over all my digital gear...its unique nature wont appeal to everyone tho, so make sure you have a listen before buying one!

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